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Our Sauces

In gastronomic terms SAUCE refers to a liquid mixture of ingredients intended to accompany a dish.  The consistency of a sauce may vary from a purée to the more liquid form such as stock or broth.  The purpose of a sauce is to accompany other foods, like a seasoning, improving the taste, as a contrast or a complement, and for this reason offers relatively strong sensations to stimulate the taste buds.  Some culinary authors define sauces as the "distiller of desire".  Not only do sauces affect the sense of taste and smell, they can offer a range of colours that affect the visual appearance of a dish and at times orchestrate various sensations at the same time. 

We are manufacturers of sauces such as Mayonnaise, Ketchup, Mustard, Syrups, Other sauces, Single serve sachets, etc.  We also undertake made-to-measure Projects. 

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